What we do

January 20th, 2020

Web development

What that means is that we can generate a new copy of this site whenever there's a change to the content, a SSG will compile and mash-up content data, images and theme and will spit out perfectly rich markup. Now that's our JAM.

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Modern web development

This site was built using Forestry.io and is "hosted" (deployed) using Netlify.


Stands for Javascript, API, and Markup, and it's a rather new way of thinking about web development in general. It's worthwhile noting that the API side might still include a traditional CMS such as Drupal, or even the use of a SSG like Forestry to statically generate the site while providing the editors a rich user-friendly interface to manage content.


The bottom line is: we get it, we do the heavy lifting, the grunt work, PUN intended so you don't have you. Concentrate on your message and we will build the platform that your organization needs to reach your audience.